Megan Nally

Megan’s love for art began the first time she wrapped her tiny hands around a crayon and she has not put them down since. You can still find her coloring in books to relax and spend quality time with her daughter! After testing many medias nothing made her heart beat faster than watching her ideas come to life on the computer screen. Since her first Graphics class in highschool becoming a Graphic Designer was her dream. Bringing her to today, now creating original designs for her own company, Megan is finally living her dream. She named her company after her daughter Addisyn Rae, the sassiest little sweetheart, who gives her inspiration every day. Sassyrae Expressions designs custom personalized paper products for all events. We want to create a lasting memory for those special moments in everyone’s life. Mixing the tone of modern and vintage Sassyrae produces perfectly unique designs. It is our task to set the tone for your event and we want to have the personality of the client shine through. If you can dream it we’ll create it!